NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund: Assistance for Veterans

The N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund has been expanded to help veterans recently separated from service and military. Read More.

North Carolina General Statutes, § 45-21.12A, Power of sale barred during periods of military service

North Carolina law that limits a creditor’s power of sale within 90 days of military service except as waived by agreement of the parties, Read More.

NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund: Tips if You are Facing Foreclosure

The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund provides tips to people unable to make their mortgage payments who may be facing Read More.

Stateside Legal: Video – SCRA – Housing Protections (Stateside Legal)

This is Part 3 in a video series for service members and their families. Read More.

Stateside Legal: Help for Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings

On May 20, 2009 President Obama signed a law that gives some new protections to most tenants whose landlords are going through foreclosure. The law takes effect immediately. Read More.