Stateside Legal: Filing for VA Disability Related to Personal Assault or MST: VA Form 21-0781A–PTSD%20Claim%20Secondary%20to%20Assault–dated%20Jun%202012.pdf

If you are filing for VA Disability Compensation you should file VA Form 21-0781A along with, or as follow up to, your application (VA Form 21-526).  The information included in this form helps the VA to establish that your disability was caused or made worse by Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Because of low reporting and destruction of military records, you cannot rely on military records to document your claims. The information gathered on VA Form 21-0781A is used to make up for the lack of “traditional” military-records-based evidence.

Our interactive version of the form includes tips to help you fill it out. To see the tip-boxes, hover over the section headings of the form.

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