Stateside Legal: Interactive Form – Letter to Landlord (Eviction)

As a member of the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard or other uniformed services, you have legal protections for you and your family when you are called into active duty military service.

A law that provides many of these protections is called the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This law was made to help protect members of the military and their family who may have trouble with financial and legal issues because of military service.

The SCRA requires landlords, in all states, to obtain a court order before evicting a servicemember or dependents during a time of active duty service.

To qualify for this protection, the following three conditions must be true:

  1. You are an active duty service member;
  2. The premises are used by you, your children or other dependants; and
  3. The rent does not exceed $2,958.53 (as of November 2010 – this limit may increase).

What does this form do?
This packet helps the servicemember draft a sample letter to the landlord explaining the protections provided by the SCRA. This is an easy-to-use interactive form. The program will create a letter and instructions. All you need to do is:

  1. Answer a few simple questions.
  2. Print out your form (letter and instructions).
  3. Proofread and sign it.
  4. Attach a copy of your orders.
  5. Attach a copy of the SCRA section provided in your packet
  6. Make copies for your own records.
  7. Send the original, with attachments, to your landlord.

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