Resources for Attorneys

The following resources are available for attorneys who are representing veterans.

Stateside Legal
Stateside Legal’s Advocate Network provides resources for attorneys representing veterans and military families including forums, blogs, and other resources.  See the Advocate Toolkits prepared by Stateside Legal below.

Advocate Toolkit: VA Advocate

Advocate Toolkit: VA Disability Compensation Claim

Advocate Toolkit: Military Advocate

Tax Advocate Toolkit

Military Terms and Acronyms 

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms allows searching by word or acronym and includes all approved terms, acronyms and abbreviations.

Benefits A-Z lists all terms related to military benefits and links to pages within the Department of Veterans Affairs that pertain to that subject.

Other resources:

National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP)

Lexis-Nexis: Basics of Representing Veterans and their Families

North Carolina State Bar LAMP Committee

Serving Those Who Served: the NCBA Family Law Section’s Pro Bono Project for Veterans

Are you an attorney working pro bono on behalf of a veteran?  If you do not see something you need, contact to let us know.

If you are aware of additional resources for attorneys representing veterans, please share with so we can continue to grow the list of resources.